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The guide in following your own dreams and make them come true. On this website I share my life story and I hope to inspire and motivate you follow your own dreams and do the things you like.

The articles are available in Dutch and English.

A short introduction about me and Dreaming Beyond Infinity.

[English] Seasonal Depression

Hey there! It’s been a while! I hope you are doing well? First of all: why did it take so long to write another article? I have been really busy the last period working on my thesis, later more about this. But I also struggled a bit about the question: what to write about? So

[English] Anxiety

Anxiety. Everybody experiences anxiety every now and then. Completely normal and healthy. But what if your fears and anxiety starts to hold you back on everything? In this article I give advice on how to deal with anxiety.


Angsten. Iedereen ervaart ze en dat is iets normaals. Maar wat als je angsten je beperken in alles wat je doet en denkt? In dit artikel ga ik in op angsten en hoe je ermee om kan gaan.

De kracht van Introversie

Introversie, een persoonlijkheidskenmerk die vaak als iets negatiefs wordt gezien. In dit artikel neem ik je mee in de wereld van een introvert en leg ik je uit wat introversie precies is en hoe je ermee kan omgaan.

[English] My coming-out

As I noticed my blog has visitors from different countries, mostly The Netherlands, the UK, US and Germany. To be more friendly to my international visitors I decided to translate my coming-out story in English.


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