[English] Seasonal Depression

Hey there! It’s been a while! I hope you are doing well? First of all: why did it take so long to write another article? I have been really busy the last period working on my thesis, later more about this. But I also struggled a bit about the question: what to write about? So I decided to try something new: I’ll start writing shorter articles, besides the longer articles. And this is the first one! Not about the most positive topic, but it is a very important one. So share your thoughts in the comments!

I’m not going to lie to you: this period is a real downer for me. Tho the smile on the pic suggests otherwise, this winter has not been easy for me.

So what’s happing? Well not that much actually. But winter is always difficult for me: my energy drops to below zero, I miss the sunshine and I want to go outside, but the measurements of the government to control COVID don’t allow me to go outside a lot. 

There’s actually only one bad thing happening right now: I have some legal problems with my thesis right now, so that’s really stressful because there will be hearings at the school court and I have to work with lawyers all of a sudden. So as you can imagine: sleeping becomes a problem, I haven’t slept properly in 2,5 weeks now. 

But what do I do to keep a somewhat positive vibe? I look for the positive things in my life and when I do that I see many things: I just had my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, we moved in together, we adopted two amazing cats, who are sitting right next to me now. I’m glad I can still workout and I have some amazing friends who help me through this time. And if I feel really bad, I seek some distraction. I picked up “Diamond Painting” to calm my mind and it really helps to calm down and distract myself from everything that’s happening right now. 

I experienced a lot in my life, as you all already know, so this isn’t the worst period of my life, by far. But it’s still difficult.

So my advice for anyone who has to deal with a starting(!) (winter)depression try to sum up for yourself all the positive things in your life right now, how minor they might seem, but they are really important. And try to pick up something that can distract you, like diamond painting works for me. 

In one of my next articles I’ll give advice on the more advanced (winter) depressions.

See you next time!

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