Besides the articles I publish on a regular basis, I started with making “vlogs” about my life story. On this page you can find all my vlogs. The vlogs published on this page are all in English. Except for “Vlog 1 – Introduction” this vlog is in Dutch, but has English subtitles. All other vlogs are in English.

The newest vlogs can be found at the top of the feed, the further you scroll down, the older the vlogs will be.

VLOG 3 – From surviving to living

In this third vlog I share how I dealt with everything that happend to me and how I became the person I am today.

VLOG 2 – My life story

In this vlog I share my entire life story and all the things that happend to me in my life.

VLOG 1 – Introduction

In this short vlog I introduce myself and the name “Dreaming Beyond Infinity”, I share what you can expect from me and what the purpose is of these vlogs.